Thursday, July 29, 2010

home at last

sidewalk fun (thanks Tia Jo!)

morning Mass


i am back on the bus at last. this entire past week has been spent in california. and as my plane flew into the Burbank airport, i felt that unmistakable feeling of relief to finally be home.
i flew into los angeles and spent a couple of days with my friend, Sheinina, before the bus came. she is a beautiful person, whom i so enjoy.
77 degrees with a chill in the air was a nice change after the stale, humid heat of a southern summer. oh, california, how i love you.
we had a day off in LA before heading to san fran (with a high of 58 degrees!). then it was back to los angeles for another day off.
little man came down with a stomach virus the day before i flew, so the adjustment back into bus life has not been a smooth one. quite hellacious, really. which is why this update comes so late. but it seems he is on the mend, finally.
and so tonight i find myself back in this familiar place--my husband doing vocal warm-ups, my baby boy snug in his bunk, myself unshowered and ready for a motion-filled sleep on the way to our next city.
i am home.

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