Saturday, September 26, 2009

a bus, a break, and the next big thing

we went on a short, 6 day tour, for which we traveled in a tour bus for the first time! wow, did it make all the difference. there are 12 beds so that we can all sleep on the bus, whenever we are tired, at any time of the day. i share a little bunk with little man and Music Man sleeps above us. :( we miss him but i'm sure in the days ahead we can save a little extra money to get hotel rooms at least maybe once a week to spend family time together. sharing a bunk with little man was hard at first because i barely have any room. but now that i'm used to it I look forward to how closely we 'snuggle' all night. I cherish these nights with my little man, because I know they won't last forever (thanks for reminding me, mom:)
we went to some pretty random places: Grand Rapids, Michigan; Munhall, PA; Allentown, PA; Sayreville, NC; Hartford, CT (but the ghetto of it)....but we got to take a 2 day break in Cleveland, OH where we visited the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. That was pretty fun and fascinating...

I have always wanted to see the Great Lakes. The museum was right on Lake Erie, so I got to 'see' it, but still not really experience it. It's ok, i'll take what i can get for now:)
After the tour we were able to go home for 5 days. None of us really wanted to go home, since it takes about a week to get used to tour. So I didn't unpack, just continued to live out of my suitcase. I tried not to get used to being home, but at the same time enjoy things like a clean shower and a big bed and my kitchen!
now I am in California for a week before the next tour starts, and we will pretty much be gone until Thanksgiving! tonight the band is playing a show in San Diego. A radio station there, 91X, has been playing one of their songs, and tonight is putting on a concert called "The Next Big Thing", for which the band is headlining. Thursday night a few of the guys drove into San Diego and heard their song on the radio for the first time! I really wanted to be with my man the first time that he heard one of his songs on the radio, but I was at home ( i traveled to CA the next day), and I am so sad that I missed it. Still, it was a pretty exciting moment for him! Yesterday morning 91X had them on their morning radio show to play an acoustic song. 
This week in LA the band will play another show here, do a photoshoot, and then film their first music video! wow, a music video...i think that will make them official rock stars haha! i'm excited to experience it all, and so grateful that me and my son are able to be with his daddy during such an exciting time of his life.
so in an hour we head to Pacific Beach, where the show will be. It is unusually hot for southern california for this time of the year--near 90 degrees! so i will hopefully get to see the ocean and dip mine and little man's toes in the water and enjoy this last bit of summer before we head to NYC and in to the autumn season