Tuesday, January 26, 2010

knitting frenzy

something about cold days just makes me want to curl up and knit. due to the loss of my iphone and less time on the internet, i've been spending more time knitting. i've knitted a bunch of fingerless gloves for gifts, i'm working on a neck-warmer at home, and i knit myself this cute hat from soulemama's free pattern. you'll have to look at the pattern to see a better picture of the detail of the hat, as my picture fails to do it much justice. i liked the idea of wearing a bright red hat this winter. not sure why, perhaps just to add some spice to the dreary wintry days.

the first one i made turned out too short. but it was so pretty and i was so anxious to get it on my head, that I finished this hat in just 24 hours. i am very happy with it:)
i already have a list of other hat patterns i want to knit next. i'm not sure what i was thinking to pack only one roll of yarn for this trip, but if i can find a yarn shop soon, i can get going on the rest of them. one thing i'd like to do different this year is to continue knitting all year long, so that i can continue to get better at it and learn more things, and so that i'll have a ton of presents ready for Christmas. there, now that i've written my goal for everyone to see, maybe i'll actually stay committed to it this time around.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

oh canada

some highlights from the past week on our canada tour....
on the 11th we flew into Portland to meet up with the bus. 

portland was super cool. no pics though.

next day was Seattle. it was as rainy as it's supposed to be

that night little man threw up all night. it was so sad and scary. poor guy.

the next day the other bus babe turned one! we had a small bus party:)

that day we also went to Vancouver! if you've heard how amazing this city is, just know that the rumors are true. and best of all, i got to see my other 'brother', who I haven't seen in 9 years! he's getting married in May so I got to meet his sweetie, too. He took a half day off of work and spent the whole day with me, walking around the city, eating sushi with our family, and then they went to the show.

next day, i woke up with the virus little man had.
vomit & diarrhea & nausea all day + huby had it too so i had to take care of a baby + stuck on a bus driving 16 hours through mountains + bus toilet with no water, using water bottles to wash it all down + 4 other people got sick too = absolute worst day of my life. i can't even explain the magnitude of how awful it was, so that's all that i will write about it.
it was, however, the most beautiful drive i have ever experienced. drove from Vancouver to Edmonton through breathtaking views of mountains and rivers and waterfalls...
from Edmonton we went to Calgary, and then to Saskatoon. it has been cold, but not ungodly cold. 20s, but i was expecting worse. here is proof that babies can stay warm in the cold.
first, make the first layer 100% merino wool, add layers of clothes, wool mittens, winter jacket and hat. put inside of stroller blanket..

then add shield from the wind and cold air.
voila. take 'em out later and they are toasty as a hot bun fresh from the oven
BUT, i'm not going to lie, i can't wait until spring when i can throw a onesie on him and head out the door.
we had a two day break and spent the first one in Minneapolis. we took munchkin to the Mall of America and let him ride all the toddler rides. so much fun, and highly impressive place. too bad all malls don't encompass indoor theme parks, underground aquariums, miniature golf, and who knows what else...it would make rainy days easier on mothers everywhere

today we got the day in Chicago, and i truly love this city. took the blue line down to millenium park and experienced the tangible definition of "Windy City". then we met Rachael and Fletcher and Sarah for tapas and sangrias. what a treat!

took a shower tonight...oh the luxury of a shower. and tomorrow it's back to Canada, and the twilight zone of no phone and no internet. we'll go to Kitchener, Toronto and Montreal, and then on the 25th we'll wake up in the Big Apple for 2 days:) that makes it all worth it

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

laughter is the best medicine

something that i think a lot of women can understand is this: home is where the heart is. home is where your husband, your dog, your dishes and your underwear are. but home is also where Mom is. and i'm not sure when, or if, that ever changes. so when i need a break, that's where i like to head.
on january 3rd, little man and I bid music man farewell on the bus in charlotte and we headed to augusta for the week. the choice to skip out on 5 days of driving was not hard to make. of course we miss him when we are away from him, but the quiet, clean, cozy home was the perfect retreat that we needed. being with my Mama always leaves me feeling rested and refreshed, and i was definitely more ready to get on the bus at the end of the week than i was at the beginning...
i think i forgot to mention my big birthday present. i asked my mom for it all year and she got it for me-- a sewing machine!

so while i was at her house i re-learned how to use a machine (it has been a long time since i used one) i bought a book, One Yard Wonders, filled with fun projects to do with only one yard of fabric. i can't wait to get started on all of them! so i spent my days dreaming of fabric projects, finishing knitting projects, and resting. little man spent his days being the busy bee that he is. he never stops walking, never stops moving, always on a mission, always something to do. i visited my mom's classroom for yet another reminder to never enroll my children in public schools. we tried the latest fad- chocolate wine. we ate at the yummiest spot in augusta, taco sushi. i finished my last bit of canada-cold-weather-preparation-shopping, and we also found some just-for-fun treasures at Goodwill. i ate lunch with my brother, and saw him and his girlfriend a few other nights. every afternoon i picked my niece (my LOVE!) up from school and we played. she spent the night twice. by saturday we realized she hadn't watched tv once all week! i was so proud of her(us), so we celebrated by spending half of saturday watching tv:) instead we memorized our 4 and 5 multiplication tables, mastered her spelling words for the week, collected and washing rocks from outside, sold Girl Scout cookies, played with my little man, and made this.

it's one of those no-sew blankets. i thought it would be a great project that we could do together, however the "blanket i and niece made together" turned into the "blanket i made for niece." yep, i did it all alone. it was a little more difficult than i had imagined. maybe a better project for a 12 or 14 year old...
i was really grateful for all the time i got to spend with her that week. i love this girl more than life itself. as i tell her every time i see her, she is my favorite person in the whole wide world:) together we are
pure silliness.