Saturday, May 23, 2009

first tour

our first tour was FUN! so much more than we had expected...we became great friends with the members of the main band (members and crew). we had (and still have) so much to learn, and after touring non-stop for the past 5 years, they are pretty much experts. they gave us lots of advice, and we did our best to be servants and to be encouraging to them.

this is how we RV

the next thing on our schedule is our 2nd anniversary (June 2nd...still haven't decided what we are doing for it), and then June 7-14 we are going to NEW YORK CITY!!!! I am SO excited to finally get back to NYC, plus it will be little man's first trip there AND his first airplane ride! (oh yeah and the reason we are actually going is for the band's first photo shoot) so exciting....