Tuesday, January 11, 2011

here in kansas city

well, this month is a big month for us, but it requires nothing of us but waiting. and so music man has a lot of time off. (that's right, time OFF for once!) but instead of spending that time off at home relaxing, chilling, and getting the rest he deserves after all this time, he's found other opportunities for work and is spending most of his time in kansas city. so we are with him here, as challenging as it is. being the traveling family that we are, i've learned that sometimes it's worth it to give up my own comforts of home and a daily routine in order to give music man the joy of having us near him. and the beauty of his work is that it allows us to be near him all day. if we are together, then we are able to see him at any moment of the day that we choose.
and so we are here, staying with another (very wonderful) family, while music man and the dad of that family work in his basement studio during the day.
there are 4 other kids here (ages 14, 10, 5, 2). the two youngest are both mixed. the dad is black and white and the mom is white. the 2 year old and my son are quite a sight together. they have the same hair except hers is blonde and she has blue eyes. someone asked us the other day when we were all out if they were twins. (needless to say, i am trying to get as many hair tips as i can, from them as well as another family here we are friends with who have mixed kids. taking care of little man's hair everyday, as of late, has become the most dreaded part of the day for me)
so far our time here has been very family focused. the snow left us home-bound for a few days. plus, i am without a car in general. and so the usual independent, get-out-and-go me is forced to quiet down and just....be.