Saturday, July 4, 2009

on the road again

i have just finished packing up the RV. we leave tonight at midnight for our second tour! tonight we drive straight through to Chicago, and then Toronto. i've never been to either city, so i'm pretty excited! then we'll be in NYC for a couple of days, Boston for a couple of days (where i'll get to see joanna, michael and skyler yah!), and then i'm going to leave the tour for 5 days (i'll miss two shows--atlantic city, and somewhere in iowa) to go to Myrtle Beach where my family is throwing a surprise Beach Week for my grandmother's 80th birthday. i'll get to see some of my cousins, aunts and uncles that i haven't seen in years and i'm so happy about it. we used to all be really close growing up, but then we stopped having beach trips once a year.
after the beach trip, i'll fly out to L.A. to meet back up with the band. they're doing a show in LA, and one in Anaheim. i'm sure that my man will have to stay in LA to do some work for a few days, so i'm expecting to be in LA for a little bit before we head back home.
i'm excited for another little journey, and I know Ndi will be happy to get back on the road with his "da-da"