Tuesday, November 23, 2010

our baby girl

I am having a baby


oh my goodness, how i did not think i would be saying that. i don't know how we got so 100% positive that we were having a boy, when there was no way to know, and we had a 50/50 chance either way, but we sure were positive.
now we are still getting used to the idea--no, the reality, of this beautiful little girl soon coming into all of our lives. i can hardly wait to see her face, to hold her hand. to watch my husband turn to absolute mush, and my son blossom into the big, loving, protective brother that he was born to be.
this little miracle is about to turn our lives upside down, in such a good way.
in fact, this next 5 months might just much too long to wait.

she is still very small (17 weeks), but here are some pictures of the video that we got to watch of her.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

hear me roar

"since when have you been so in to Halloween?" my mother asked me
"um, since i had an adorable kid to dress up!"

i flew out to the west coast for the last week of the october tour. i was in LA, San Fran, Portland and Seattle. halloween was spent in seattle. we went to the residential area of capitol hill and went trick or treating. little man said "trick or treat!" at every door, totally oblivious that candy was going into his Chipotle chip bag from dinner. because it is all for mama and daddy :) cheers to the man or woman that invented trick or treating!

autumn has arrived

happy fall y'all