Tuesday, January 26, 2010

knitting frenzy

something about cold days just makes me want to curl up and knit. due to the loss of my iphone and less time on the internet, i've been spending more time knitting. i've knitted a bunch of fingerless gloves for gifts, i'm working on a neck-warmer at home, and i knit myself this cute hat from soulemama's free pattern. you'll have to look at the pattern to see a better picture of the detail of the hat, as my picture fails to do it much justice. i liked the idea of wearing a bright red hat this winter. not sure why, perhaps just to add some spice to the dreary wintry days.

the first one i made turned out too short. but it was so pretty and i was so anxious to get it on my head, that I finished this hat in just 24 hours. i am very happy with it:)
i already have a list of other hat patterns i want to knit next. i'm not sure what i was thinking to pack only one roll of yarn for this trip, but if i can find a yarn shop soon, i can get going on the rest of them. one thing i'd like to do different this year is to continue knitting all year long, so that i can continue to get better at it and learn more things, and so that i'll have a ton of presents ready for Christmas. there, now that i've written my goal for everyone to see, maybe i'll actually stay committed to it this time around.

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