Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the dragonfly

when i was pregnant with my son, I would see hummingbirds everywhere. with my last pregnancy i wondered if something similar would happen, and it did.
this time it was the Dragonfly. i saw them everywhere. i just recently started looking into the meanings and symbolisms of the dragonfly, trying to learn something about this baby of mine that i am still missing terribly.
here's what i found it to symbolize:
*the power of life in general
*a sense of self that comes with maturity
*the dragonfly reflects the power of light
*no bird or other insect has the flight maneuverability of the dragonfly, which can quickly change directions when necessary. they are experts at going where they ned to be and doing what they need to do.
*they live a short life, but they live it to the fullest
*traditionally, the dragonfly is the symbol of transformation and life's ever-constant process of change
i am always amazed at what i can hear God saying to me when i just take the time to listen to my life

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