Sunday, February 27, 2011

boys and their trucks...

one day, at a very young age, little man woke up obsessed with trucks. obsessed. i had done nothing at all to spark his interest in them, and i had never talked to him about them before. i am, after all, a girl, and i didn't care to 'make' him love trucks. is there something that is just instilled into the dna of boys that causes this? i mean, to watch gender differences at such an early age, is astounding. sure, he loves to put on the girls' pink shoes in the house, and if he had it his way his rainboots would have been pink instead of camo. he doesn't know the gender 'rules' about colors yet. i'm not talking about those gender differences. i'm talking about the fact that he is obsessed with cars and trucks and dinosaurs, not with dressing up, dolls or strawberry shortcake or ballerinas.
this is him just yesterday at our favorite park, working the "excavator"...

today i took him to a parking lot where a company parks their huge work trucks, walking distance from my house. this was seriously a big deal.

before we left, he hugged the bucket of the excavator and said, "bye bye excavator! i love you!"
yes, really.

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