Sunday, December 5, 2010


we spent thanksgiving in charlotte with friends. we had 4 or 5 deep fried turkeys, and we all brought sides and deserts. sooooo yummy:) ate too much, don't we all?
then we drove to sunset beach for one day. i've lost the cord to my camera, so i only have pics from my phone:( i did get to see my dear cousin stephanie, which is always a treat for me! we spent the morning playing in the sand on the beach before it turned really cold. the rest of the day was spent by the fire in a house on the marsh.
this year i was thankful for having music man home for 10 whole days, that i have a beautiful (i just know it) and healthy girl growing bigger and stronger in my belly every day, and a happy, sweet-as-can-be little boy that i get to spend every hour of the day with, and getting to share a home with wonderful friends whom i enjoy immensely. these can certainly be hard times in more ways than one, but the blessings outweigh all of it. i try to be present every moment and cherish it all, because the days are long, but the years are short, and i want to experience these years to the fullest!

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