Friday, August 6, 2010


the bus is minutes from pulling into Charlotte. we have all of August off, and in september just a few of the guys have to fly around the country all month, so i won't be going.
meaning...i will be home for 2 months!

one of the guys has an "official" new girlfriend. she rode on the bus with us for a couple of days and then made an observation about our seemingly glamorous life on a tour bus...."um, this is camping."

how true that is. if i haven't expressed it enough before, let me do so now: it is not glamorous. this is camping.

and so, as much fun as it is to camp on a tour bus, i am looking forward to enjoying family life with my husband on land. we will be moving this month, which will begin a new season for our family. a fun and good season. (more details to come).
october will be here before we know it and back to the bus it will be!

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