Thursday, April 22, 2010


my excuse for being absent for so darn long is simple: mommydom
little man has entered a new stage in his childhood: bonafide toddler. and toddlers require lots of attention. especially in early toddler-hood when you just don't know what they might try to do when you aren't looking. i think the older they get the more trust you can bestow on them. but it's been months since i made something with my hands, or finished a book, or blogged...i've been quite unproductive, yet in the busy-ness i honestly haven't noticed.
so i have my mind set to get back into my old habits, and be better about creating 'me' time. until then, i have one big piece of news,
we're having baby #2 in early december! yes, another december baby, which i can honestly say was an accident. i mean, who tries to have a baby in december? i was born 2 days after christmas and vowed my entire life that i would never have Christmas babies. but after much thought, i've realized all the perks of God's perfect timing.
#1: it's early december, not late. thank you Lord. little toddler man will turn 2 just a week or 2 after the baby is born. i think the age difference is perfect, and i want to plan a huge birthday for him so that he feels extra special! 
#2: same timing as last baby means that all my pregnancy clothes will fit me at just the right times!
#3: the longest (well, only) break we get in the music industry is Christmas time. and thanksgiving is right before. it makes it easier for music man to be around and for us all to be together and for me to rest!
#4: i love winter babies. their first summertime they can sit up in the sand. second summertime they are walking. and they usually learn to walk during the winter (ie. falling down on carpet is much better than concrete) plus mama has enough time to get that butt and tummy ready for bathing suit season (with the help of breastfeeding and P90X)
i'm so excited to watch my little man become a big brother. I have to admit that it's hard for me to imagine another baby in the picture. i'm so obsessed with my son and focused on him 24/7 that some days i forget i'm even pregnant. but i've heard about the miracle of your heart growing as soon as the baby is born and suddenly you have enough love for both. i know i will adore this new little one, and i know little man will too. he loves babies. don't get me wrong, he is all-boy and very intense most of the time, but he has this soft side to him that makes him love to hug and kiss his mama and daddy, and kiss his toys and stuffed animals...and babies. so i'm hoping that this transition will be a smooth one.
speaking of transitions, last week we stayed home from tour so that i could sleep train the little guy. i think that it is my first real Mama-feat. i was so terrified to let him cry and for us to go through it, but he went through it beautifully (ok, so it was really hard the first night) and by night #3 he was falling right to sleep and sleeping 12 hours straight without waking to nurse, and that is how he sleeps now!

oh but the comment about somedays forgetting i'm pregnant--that has been getting progressively harder now that nausea has officially set in. most days i wake up and count the hours i have left until bedtime. it's pretty horrible. i don't know why this is necessary, but at least i know the baby is thriving with all these hormones making me sick all day and crying quite often over nothings. and to make matters worse my son caught a stomach virus this past weekend.
1st day consisted of 16 hours of vomitting every 10-30 minutes, coupled with diarrhea. somewhere in the middle of that Riley ran away. i was all alone with a vomitting child, worried my dog was about to die, and I had a serious breakdown. i'm talking break.down. i was sobbing so hard i couldn't even talk, but managed to call the hubs, who called his buddy to come help me, who then called my friend. she had already offered to come over earlier that morning, but i told her it wasn't necessary. now it was necessary. riley came back (she always does). and so my friend left her 3 kids with her husband and came over to the friend that i needed that day. it's amazing how things were suddenly 95% better just having her there with me. later we drove him to urgent care, who sent us away to go to the ER, but when we got there he sorta perked up and seemed better so we took him home instead. he stopped vomitting at 7:30pm and he went to sleep and slept all night. next day the vomitting had stopped but he developed a really high fever, and then he laid in my bed without moving for 4 hours. it was so scary to see him like that, that i just had to take him to the ER. when they finally gave us a room, that same friend of mine walked in unannounced. she was worried and wanted to come sit with us. i honestly would never have known how much her gestures could mean to someone. but she knew how i felt. she had been there before. being pregnant makes everything a bigger deal, and she didn't want me to be pregnant with a violently ill child alone. i will be eternally grateful to her for that. and will certainly give the favor to other friends in that position as well.
his fever eventually broke and he was sent home. he still has diarrhea and is only just now starting to eat solid foods again, but he is on the mend. i however am not. i am sick as a dog most days, and had to stay back from tour, again. music man left last night amidst my tears and sorrow thinking of how we might not see him for another 2 weeks, and that's if i'm better by then! i hate being away from him, and i hate hate hate hearing little man ask for his daddy all day long. it breaks my heart.
so, let the countdown to 2nd trimester begin! (and prayers are much appreciated)

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