Friday, February 26, 2010

stuck apart

the bus pulled out of charlotte on february 10th, and i relunctantly chose to stay home for a break, thinking we'd fly out to meet them after a week or so. well a week turned into "oh i should stay home for my Mama's 60th (!!!!) bday on March 2" and then "oh i guess we should wait til the bus comes back through charlotte on march 7-8". and so here we are, our family stuck apart, missing one another terribly. but through it all we have learned a valuable lesson: breaks must only be one week, 10 days max. we can't handle any more than that. i am actually longing to be back on that bus right now, and the look in nile's eyes when he says "daddy" is breaking my heart. i guess God knew this is what we needed.

while home i will have managed to be involved with 4 birthdays that i wouldn't have wanted to miss. my niece turned 9 on Valentine's Day, my brother turned 36 the next day, my little love that i used to nanny turned 4 a few days later, and next week my dear Mama hits 60.

i also chose to spend a few days in Atlanta, where i was desperately overdue for a visit, to see some people that I love and miss dearly. my dad and step-mom and step-siblings and step-niece, my 2 grandmothers, Whitney, Katie and Lucy! i'll spend the weekend with my mom for her bday weekend. my grandmother makes her the same ice cream cake every year (yummy:)

when i get home i have only one more thing to mark off my to-do list and i will have accomplished all of the cleaning out and organizing around the house that i had wanted to do while off tour. and that.feels.good.

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