Monday, October 26, 2009

an autumn treat

words cannot even express how needed my visit to Rhode Island was. i couldn't get off that bus of sickness fast enough, but the people i was running to is what made it so sweet.
my brother and sister and niece. (and her wonderful parents too!)
every day we did something fun, and every night was spent with her parents, in their welcoming Victorian house surrounded by the bright colors of fall. it was everything that i had anticipated it would be in the previous months as i anxiously awaited my trip there: crisp fall air (but surprisingly warm enough to spend the days outside), beautiful peak foliage, the cutest New England towns you ever did see, and days filled with fun kids activities.
when she picked us up, it was pleasantly warm for a change, so we headed straight to the park

our first full day there we went to the Zoo! it was little man's first zoo experience...

peaking at the giraffes

petting the sheep...

two little pumpkins...

the next day was going to be the warmest day, so we went to the beach!  at Narragansett..

winter clothes covered in sand...i like it

crawling around with the birds

the moment that 'windy' turned to cold we gathered all our stuff and ran for the car. the kiddos slept while joanna drove me through jamestown, just so i could see what it was like. i've already been to newport and some other parts of Rhode Island, and i just have to say that i think every single part of that state is beautiful. especially at this time of the year, of course. here's some pictures of Beavertail, a spot near Jamestown...

and the next day we went to an apple orchard. i have been wanting to take little man to a pumpkin patch, since he has some strange fascination with pumpkins. whenever he sees one he perks up and strains his neck to keep his eye on it and says "pa pa pa". if i let him hold one he won't give it up without screaming crying. i knew his obsession had reached a new level when i was in a grocery store shopping, and i stopped in the vegetables to gather some things. he saw a bunch of pumpkins on the floor and was looking at them, but i was unaware and so i started walking away. he started crying really hard and then i realized what was going on. they didn't have any small enough for him to hold, so i had to give him a small green squash that was the shape of a pumpkin to hold while i did the rest of my cute. but back to my update.
my sister took us to the cutest little place for apple picking that had a pumpkin patch too. we didn't actually pick any apples, and the pumpkin patch was actually bare except for about 3 ginormous pumpkins. but we still had fun pulling the kids in her red wagon and letting them look at all the pumpkins and apples and fall colors...

jo is one of the greatest blessings in my life. a friend so wonderful, i'm not sure i could have scored her except that she was forced into my life by marrying my brother:) i'll forever be in debt to him for that one! if you've met her you know that she has positively the best personality. one of those people that you just wish you could emulate, but can't. not only is she a great friend (to all of her friends), but she is one of the best mothers i have ever seen, pouring 200% of herself into her child every day. she is my inspiration. i learn so much from her, and love being around her so that i can absorb some of her energy.
and she is married one of my other favorites in this world: my brother, who has always been the greatest friend in my life. (i have two of the most wonderful brothers in the world! i could go on and on about both of them!)
watching him become a husband and a father has been so sweet. i always knew he'd be the best, but to see it is just remarkable. he is a real man-- a man of faith, of character, of principles, of fun, of family...i am so proud of him and who he is every day.
i didn't get to spend as much time with him on this trip as i'd have liked, but did get some, and for that I am thankful. i can't wait til little man gets bigger and his uncle can teach him how to play football (and how important it is to watch it every saturday!)

so after all of that, i had to get on a plane for 8 hours and go to southern california, with all it's palm trees and sun and warmth. usually this would be cause for excitement, but not this time around. i definitely entered into a state of depression for the first 24 hours, and cried a lot. it was hard to adjust.
so here i am in LA. the next tour starts this Thursday. this tour i am very excited about. first of all we get a brand new, freakin' BA tour bus. second of all, check out our schedule: LA, Reno, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, Boulder, Minneapolis, Chicago, Pittsburg, Montreal, Boston, NYC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta.
are you kidding me? so cool! and so C-O-L-D.....

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